Forwarding flynumber to SIP client (X-Lite)


I have been trying to set up a SIP client so that I can receive calls and make outgoing calls on my laptop but keep encountering problems with it. I spent a lot of time trying to set up Blink yesterday, but it won’t open at all today and instead shows an error message. I’ve now downloaded X-Lite and am in the process of trying to set it up.

Could you please let me know how I can resolve the following issues related to this:

  1. I filled out the account settings information on X-Lite according to the example you provide on this site but I get an “account failed to enable” message.

  2. The Person box on the PBS panel has a red dot, instead of green.

  3. Could you please clarify what information goes in the account name box in the X-Lite account settings?

  4. I had set up my flynumber to go to voicemail on the PBX panel, could you also let me know how I can set up voicemail after setting up X_Lite so that incoming calls ring on my PC and then go to voicemail if I’m unavailable.


Sorry to hear

This is how the SIP info should look in x-lite

It sounds like your IP address may have been banned for too many failed attempts. Try to ping the SIP server address from your location- if you cant ,send us your IP address ( PM here, email or open ticket )



I tried pinging the SIP server address a couple of times and got a request timed out message. I will email you my IP address. Could you also inform me how to set up voicemail with the configuration described in my initial post?


You can just attach the voicemail module from the menu on the left

We will set this for you once we get your IP


EDIT: We see the voicemail module was already properly setup

Yes, I was just going to say I had already set it up. I just wasn’t sure whether it would work as is since I haven’t been able to get the SIP client to work yet. I’ve emailed you my IP address along with the link to this discussion.


Just to follow up, I tried making an outgoing SIP call but get a runtime error message and the X-Lite shows “calling” without the call going through. I’m not sure what’s causing the problem.


Please use this format when calling out

Also make sure you have outbound calls checked in person module in PBX

If not check it and re-register x-lite

The outbound calls box was already checked. I even tried uninstalling, downloading again and re-installing, and re-registering x-lite but I’m still getting the runtime error every time I call, even using the recommended format.

Incoming is still OK?

Can you still ping the SIP server to make sure your IP wasn’t banned for too many failed attempts

If you cant ping the SIP server address please email/PM or open a ticket with your public IP address so we can un-block

Please also check the codecs being used, you should try G711 ulaw and/or GSM

I pinged the server, the first time I got one timeout, tried again and it was ok.

About the codecs, there are several enabled including G711 ulaw. Should I remove the others?

Also, I don’t see GSM as an option but should I presume that’s ok since G711 ulaw is enabled?

Do you mind trying again please

I tried pinging again and it worked fine from what I can tell.

As long as the response is not “unreachable” you should be fine

Can you try to trash the person module and create a new one with a fresh set of SIP information

Please also check the call history for any relevant errors, My account > Call history(set the “to” date to one day in the future to see the more recent calls)

Ok, I’ve done all of that but no luck. I’m still getting the runtime error. The X-Lite says calling when I dial but there’s no ringing sound and it just continues saying calling. If I shut the runtime window the, X-Lite one closes too.

I’ve checked the call history it only shows three calls, two from September and one in November so it looks like some don’t register.

Are incoming calls still okay?

Have you considered trying a different sip client? Perhaps Zoiper?

I tried pinging earlier and it seemed fine. Other than blink and x-lite, I haven’t tried any other sip client.

Perhaps I’ll give Zoiper a shot later.


Let us know if you need anything