Forward calls from google voice to flynumber to international number

Is it possible to setup flynumber to take calls forwarded from google voice, then have flynumber forward calls to to an international number

If that’s possible, is it easy to setup my flynumber to perform the above?

I will be traveling to multiple countries. Ideally, I’d like to get a USA flynumber, then set it up to forward to whatever number I get once I land in those countries. Possible? Thanks.

Yes you can, many users do this and it works well

Yes, you can make the changes easily via your FlyNumber Dashbaord , its free and instant

Not an issue at all, if you need any help setting this up let us know ( should be a breeze though)


Thanks. I registered (but haven’t placed an order yet.) It says it sent confirmation email. Didn’t get that email. I try to login, it says user is blocked. Tried password reset link. It says user is blocked… contact sys admin. What’s the next step?

PM us your username

I would also check your spam folder just in case

i checked spam folder. Nothing.
How do I PM you? I don’t see a link/page/button. Thanks.

Just sent you a PM,please reply to it with your username and email