DID for Hong Kong

I would like to buy a New DID for my HK company. Some questions…

  1. Do I own the number so I can transport it (after a period of time) to a fixed line provider/service?
  2. Can I choose the number?
  3. How long to set the service up?
  4. If I forward from HK to HK mobiles is the fee 0.025USD per min as advertised?
  5. How long is the minimum contract

Thank you,


This would depend on the carrier you’re using to port the number, we would not block any legitimate port out requests we may receive from a carrier

Its assigned by system, we can go through database manually for you. We will then send you some options , if you take one its a one time fee ( PM or email for details)

For Hong Kong about 24 hours or less as we will need proof of address in Hong Kong and matching Photo ID/Company certificate

Yes thats the rate You can also enter the number you will forward to here and get the rate.

There is no contracts. You can keep a number for 1 month or decades.

Let us know if you have any other questions

Thank you for your help.

Please can you send me some options and discuss what is need to move forward if I decide to proceed.
Payment terms, HK ID.


Please send us your FlyNumber username VIA PM or open a ticket on FlyNumber.com