Dead Air Calls, Fail in the connection?

Good Morning,

Our call centers reported a lot of Dead Air Calls lately. We are receiving calls and there is nobody on the other end.

We have 7 number phones with you, and I think it could be the Denmark number. Is that normal? The connection is failed?

Thank you!

No its not normal , we haven’t heard of any other complaints, none with Denmark

Are we sure its not the forwarding? Can we try a different connection just in case, perhaps forward to a different phone number just to test…

I would also set the forwarding with our PBX, this is newer technology and perhaps can help here

First change the forwarding of the number to PBX

My account > My FlyNumbers

Click details and then change forwarding

Let us know if you need any help with that

we are having same issue on canadian numbers, do u have any canadian virtual number

Our Canada numbers have always been very reliable, based on your previous posts it seems the forwarding could be the issue in your case