Call display - Display Calls made from Japan to China

If we set up a Shanghai fly number (for example), make calls to all over China from Japan, what is the cost? Will it display a Shanghai number on the call displays of the cell phones and landlines across China when we call from Japan?

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Yes you can with SIP, and here are the per min rates to call out

We send out the caller ID yes, there are other factors like the carrier and device on the other side.

I don’t get the SIP procedure. We only care about the display showing up in China when we call from Japan. Is we use Skype is says “unknown” on the receiving person in China’s display. I already have a service with ItalkBB for a Chinese SIM card, but those calls show the other countries number (my regular cell phone number) on the display of the receiver in China. If I get the fly number, what do I have to use for an SIP in order to call out to get the results we need? Is it just an app that I can call from? Do I also need to pay for an SIP and the Chinese Flynumber?


SIP accounts come with your purchase of the number, you can use any 3rd party SIP client

Yes an app .

There is a per min rate when you make outgoing calls