Automatic renovation on lines: STILL PENDING

We have some flynumbers, we renewed autom before 1/31, and the payment says pending, now it stopped working, but we paid and renewed the number in a timely manner. Can you help us find out why the payment is still pending? We have a cc on our account It is still pending and my number cannot be used now. Please assist!!!

Apologies for the late reply here , your account tickets and number renewals all were confirmed same day.

The payment was approved right away but it would seem the number renewal took no more then 3 hours to renew - please correct me if I’m wrong as you should have zero down time.

We do see this however it could be the card was not chosen from the drop down menu under renew orders. Meaning the account will use whats in the the prepaid to renew the number instead of trying a credit card. This is setup correctly now and you should not have any issues.

We appreciate your business here and if you need anything at all please let us know.