After answering, forward the call to another internal Number

Imagine that I am a secretary. i’m receiving the calls by X-Lite SIP Program on PC
I answered a call.While holding that call, i want to call internal number -4-
If 4 is avaible, i want to forward that call to -4-

What are the hold and forward key combinations on keyboard


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This would depend on the SIP client, you can dial “4” and click go/send

This should dial the “Person” with the internal number/ extension associated with the number 4

You should also have an option depending on the sip client or VOIP phone to press transfer , the number 4 and then go/send to transfer the call

i tried to transfer call by 2 different SIP programs on PC. (program supports the call transfers)
when i try to transfer, there is a alert announce on Flynumber Pbx.
But i couldn’t understand what it was said

Perhaps the internal number is not setup correctly, when you click the gear setup in the Person module it should show 4 for internal number