Adding google numbers to blacklist

I’m trying to add a google number to the black list.
The numbers come in with longer than normal numbers. i.e. 12348037336292

I can’t add all the numbers because the pbx will only accept the first 10, will this work?

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Do you mean a Google voice number? It should be 11 digits if its a number with them…

When it starts with a 1 it allows 11 digits

If the number starts with any other digit it will allow up to 15 digits

Hope this helps

Hi, yes sorry I meant 11 numbers. The number that keeps calling is 14 numbers and starts with a 1. And yes, a google search has told me it’s a google voice number, but 14 numbers

How is the phone number showing up in the FlyNumber call history ?

Have you tried entering that exact number…

Please send us your FlyNumber or username so we can take a look

I’ve attached a screen cap of the calls. There’s double items at each time because it is being forwarded to a cell phone.

I’ve tried entering the exact number, but it will only let me enter 12348037336

username XXXXXXXXX

Please enter the number starting with 2 and it should block those calls

In the black list module enter 2348037336292

Ok thanks. I’ll give that a try and see if I stop getting the calls

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You’re welcome and if you run into any issues please let us know

Thanks again.