Using a Cisco SPA112 2-Port Phone Adapter

Before I was using sip2sip and the settings I used worked ok with the Cisco adapter.
However the adapter failed to register using PBXww settings. I would not get a dialtone and on the adapter web interface it said that the registration failed.

The issue was with the proxy and outbound proxy fields tat are otherwise commonly seen in some other SIP clients. You have to enter them otherwise it won’t work. You can either use the hostname that you get from PBXww (in my case it was the string ending with you can also enter the resolving IP address. At the time of writing the hostname resolved to You can find that out by pinging the hostname and see what IP is returned.

The username is the username you get in PBXww and the password also. By default the protocol is set to UDP and port 5060. Also the calling codex is set to G711 allthough there are two variants on the SPA112 G711a and G711u. Not sure what the difference is but I put the G711u as the primary one and the G711a as the secondary codec.
Also the support guy from PBXww said that in PBXww under more options that show you your username and password for your SIP client you should have the correct caller ID set. At the time of writing this setting was not saved correctly - at least it appeared to revert to a different value. I then set it to “CLID auto match” and it got saved.
Once it registered you should get a green light in the PBXww window for SIP settings.

As I am unable to upload images I am pasting a link to the screen grab of my SPA112 settings

screen grab
Cisco SPA112 2-Port Phone Adapter

Hi Again

Sorry to hear about your adapter issues… I think we can get this fixed though - many users are using this very device.

It would be great if we can reset the adapter to its default values to start off with our troubleshooting this.

Are we sure the proxy fields are required here? Is there no way to save the info with the fields left blank?

Thats OK, is there also a GSM codec listed? Perhaps you can add that to the list of codecs to use…

Not sure if you checked this already but can you still ping the SIP server address from your network? ( There’s a security precaution that bans your IP address if it gets too many failed attempts from you.)

Is this because the discussion forum is not allowing you to upload or just personal preference?

Let me know how this works out for you