Using FlyNumber to make on-call more reliable

I am a vet and on call quite a lot. I live in an area where the mobile signal is unreliable and I don’t have access to a landline. I do however have wifi.
I have been worried on many occasions when the mobile provider’s signal just goes to zero. How will my clients with an emergeny able to reach me. i found a solution in FlyNumber and a separate voip provider I could have used FlyNumber for that too.

Basically I setup a new UK number (as this is where I live). I set the number up so that all calls get forwarded to an ITSP - I already had an account setup with Sip2Sip which FlyNumber recommended. I have a Samsung smartphone where I have installed Zopier and linked it to my Sip2Sip account. However after the recent JellyBean upgrade I seem to have got the phone to take incoming voip calls through Sip2Sip.
I am working at this current practice for 2 months so I went for the three month FlyNumber account but with no repeat subscriptions.
I also setup my phone to redirect all calls when I am unreachable to the FlyNumber I purchased.

So as long as I am logged onto the wifi in my accomodation - or anywhere else and if the mobile signal is lost, then my calls will go via voip to my mobile phone. Brilliant.

Thanks for the feedback @McDragon , we’re glad to have you as a customer

You can stay using sip2sip but keep in mind we have our own SIP accounts now…

You can use that SIP info in ZOIPER or any other SIP client

This may work better for you but it depends on your setup, our full PBX guide can be found here

If you have any trouble with this send over a PM or email and we issue the SIP credentials from our side

Finally dove in to make outbound calls as well however I am also using a Cisco SPA112 phone adapter and had some problems with it. Will post a separate advice post.

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Sure thing, here’s the reply for anyone interested