Something to inform me that call is forwarded


I currently have my fly number being forwarded to my cell through the pbxww, is there a way to set a number or something that will let me know that a call I receive is from my business and not straight to my cell phone? Essentially giving me a chance to decide to pick it up or not.

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Hi Chris

Yes we have something that can help you here, it’ll give you a chance to screen and reject a call thats coming from FlyNumber.You’ll be able to distinguish the FlyNumber calls from your regular cell phone calls

More info in this post but let us know if you need any help with setting this up


Thanks for the reply. I have the call confirmation already set up for the forwarding phone calls, but was wondering if there was a way to identify a call when it appears on the call display.

If the call is picked up and the call confirmation is heard, I am still being charged the forwarding per minute fee even if I reject the call.

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Aha, I see, you’re right and see you’re point here

Hopefully we can have a feature where we can manipulate the ID based on your inputs but unfortunately wouldn’t have an ETA on that

At the moment there is no method to changing the caller ID, we’ve seen that on some devices the caller ID may show up in a different format versus the normal calls ( for example with a + or a space ) but this isn’t always the case