Early May [2022] inventory update

  • Local Germany [National] 49-32 numbers were added. These can be obtained with any address in Germany. While the others will need a local address. For example, a Berlin number will need a Berlin address ( or close surrounding area - *not at our discretion )

  • Vancouver BC, Canada 778 and 672 prefixes

  • US: Willow Springs 708 in Illinois as well as 659-Alabaster in Alabama (205 Alabaster available too)

  • Local Colon 849 in Panama - we’ll need to know what you plan on using the number for. Or in other words, details on how the number will be used.

  • We’ve added the Dutch city of Hillegom with country/prefix 31-252. As with all Netherlands numbers, you’ll need to let us know the full name and local Hillegom (or close by) address to register this under.

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