Bitcoin, Monero, crypto payments

Hi, I would like to pay with crypto.

How can I ad balance to my FlyNumber account by sending crypto to my account?
So much easier than these credit cards and the annoying PayPal.

And better for you guys because there won’t be any charge backs.


HI @robby_resetchannel , we appreciate you posting your question.

Regrettably, that feature is not available right now, however, it’s something we’re very seriously looking into, and hopefully good news soon.

Awesome! Have you looked at the btcpayserver.or?
I know the perfect guy who can help you set it up for little.

In the meantime can I manually send you some funds to your Monero or BTC address and have you ad the balance to my account manually?

Thanks for this and will look into it, appreciate the connection as well.

At the moment this wouldn’t be possible but hopefully good news soon.

Is there a release date for this?

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Hi @robby_resetchannel

At the moment taking crypto directly isn’t enabled but it’s definitely something we’d like to implement.

If you’re based in the US you can use paypal to pay with crypto.

Hopefully more good news on this soon.