Avoiding toll free per minute charges for UAE numbers

If I buy the PBX subscription for 14.95 a month, is there a per minute fee if I use that on a UAE toll free number or will I get charged for it? This will be planned to forward to multiple cellphones of the staff I hire in the Emirates. Also, is there any discount for the pbx if I subscribe for a full year pre-paid?

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Thanks for posting and appreciate you considering us.

At the moment the phone system is pretty competitively priced and will most likely go up on price - you’d be locked into the price if you signed up now.

All toll free numbers have a per min rate , regardless of the forwarding or if the PBX is used (UAE is .57 per min)

If the staff has smartphones perhaps it would be more cost effective if they use a VoIP app to receive calls (zoiper or Groundwire for example) - we will help set you up if you need it.

Thanks and standing by if you need anything