I am using your great pbxww as a support line for my very small company. All works great, except i do not know whether is somebody calling me directly or the support line and it was just routed to me.
Is there a way to set it up in a way that i will always see the flynumber calling me and not the actual number calling via the pbxww forward?
Thank you.


This could help

Thanks for the reply… But i need clarification.
Does it mean it works only by not forwarding to pbxww? So if i am forwarding my calls to my mobile via the pbxww, the feature is not available?


This is with the PBX yes, all the PBX features would be available to you as well

Thank you. Could you please point me to the documentation where it is described how to setup it in this way? Thank you.

Sure thing, full guide here