Virtual Number activation

Hello ,
my username is: tekness, it concerns order # X made yesterday, I still don’t have my Canadian number, you created a ticket to get the reason for the number request and I answered you. I would also like to have a non-geographic French number (09) what should I do to obtain it? THANKS

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We appreacite that and apogies for any invonice here, this was taken care of and account updated.

Sure thing, and you would just click sign up while logged in to order a new number. Keep in mind you’ll need an address in France for any France virtual number. You can also get a local number with any France address.

hi , this is my last Truspilot comment : Thanks to support for solving my number activation problem .

but i have another problem , i buy 4 usd as credit but the transaction still appear as pending ,it takes a lot of time

We see its on the account now. Thanks and appreciate you updating trustpilot as well.