SPA122 and Fritzzbox does not ring / no incomming calls

My SPA122 and/or Fritzzbox doesn’t ring when a phone is attacht to the device. I can call with the line there is a dial-tone. I was trying both devices to get incomming calls. I didn’t activate stun-server (is that needed?) There could be differences in some settings needed like DTMF for local use? I use in in the Netherlands. The phonenumber works fine on Zoiper but doesn’t always work on BRIA (sometimes doesn’t ring while someone calls) Only Zoiper will receive the calls fine.

Hi There,

Unfortunately this would have to do with the devices you’re using. Either the SPA/Fritz box and /or the phone. Once we send the calls , its up to the devices to ring. We have had no issues with users and their SPA adapters along with the Fritzbox , Asterisk etc.

You might want to check you’re not muting calls or have DND ( do not disturb ) set somewhere on the phone/Fritzzbox or SPA

It can’t be the devices, before creating the post i checked the settings like DND or any other setting in the Fritzzbox. Connected another line and that rings normal. Same phone used. Doing a test-ring conducted from Fritzzbox result in a ringing device. By calling my own number and then picking up the phone, just continues to hear the dial-tone as it is possible to call while i calling myself. Tested on the SPA 122 as well, no ring with the flynumber number but with my provider i got a normal ringing phone. I might asume it is the voltage sended of something with settings like INFO? Might be conflicting with Dutch standards? I tried this with incomming calls some time before and with the same results as now. (after conducting several test, change serveral settings, default settings and settings that are used by other users (at Forums) and no fix. That’s why i wrote this post.

Sorry for the confusion here, can we clarify the issue here?

Is the issue with outgoing or incoming?

Our technicians have doubled checked your number specifically and have deemed it 100% operational.

You made one successful outgoing call, the rest were dialed in the wrong format. Please use this format.

Incoming issue seems to be coming from fritz box. We are not doing anything different here, the difference between x-lite and receive the call with fritz box should be none.

We also see you connecting to SIP device Z 3.9.32144 r3212 without issues. Its a config issue or perhaps firewall/netowrk related. Perhaps there is some more here here regarding the issue

The issue is only by incomming calls, outgoing works fine. The firewall seems not to be the issue, otherwise i guess not outside call could be placed?

And it works as expected on x-lite but not on the fritzbox correct?

Sounds like the fritzbox isnt properly setup to receive the call from that uri ( user )

Perhaps there are " Line " settings where it gives you options as far as what to do with incoming calls

You can also post screenshots of the configuration screen to better help diagnose