Porting 416 Number


I’m looking to port my current area code 416 number and add a second number into my account.

For some reason, 416 numbers on your site are 25/month instead of 2.95. I already have the number, so I won’t be signing up to get one. Will you still charge me 25/month for this number?

For the second number, do I get to choose it, or is it just assigned?


Great question, we’ll be able to port in your number and keep it with us for the low $2.95 a month price.

You should still email us the full phone number to confirm portability.

Thanks for the reply.

What about the second question?


Its assigned by the system, we can have a engineer go through the database for a more memorable number- there is a one time $39 charge for this

Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions or concerns