PBX Phone Number CLI Rules is not working

According to phone.systems user guide at User Guide | phone.systems™ 2 , we can alter the name of the incoming phone number to a specific name/number:

" CLI Rules are used to override the Source Caller Name. This functionality allows flexible Caller Name configurations and may be used to differentiate SIP calls received from phone.systems™. CLI Rules will help you to identify from which Phone Number object the call is coming from."

I tried to setup a CLI Rules so that when a random phone number X call to our phone number A, when it got forwarded to phone number B, then the incoming number should be show up as A on device B instead of X. But in fact, number X is showing up.

Another word: How to alter the inbound source number?

Could you help to fix this issue? Thanks.

Hi @ptrinh

Thanks for the post and what you’re looking it pertains to when you use SIP or VoIP to answer the calls.

When you forward calls to a regular phone number, all we can send is the phone number of the person calling the FlyNumber

You’ll want to use SIP to receive the calls. You’ll be changing the “Caller name” on the display. Not the phone number.

Hi Again @ptrinh

The below can help you differentiate FlyNumber calls when forwarding to a regular phone number

Sort of a “call whisper” feature

This allows pre-recorded music, messages, commercials or any other audio clips to be played to callers before their call is answered