Paid for number in Singapore

I have not heard back. Documents already uploaded. Please send me the new number.

Hi @sophusinstituteou

We appreciate your business here and we’ll have the Singapore number active shortly. (Your full number already shows up on “My FlyNumbers”)

Will update once live

On another note, please refer to the Estonia LOI we uploaded here, we that we can get you an Estonia number active as well

Hello, please refund me. You deducted 3 months worth of payment but the Singapore number never worked and it was inactivated all this time. The service was never provided. Please refund immediately.

Sorry to hear and seems emails are bounding from your domain, we’ve been trying to reach you to no avail. There were no paid invoices issued for your funds as we needed documentation, you did indicate at one point you wanted an Estonia number. Either way we’re sorry to see you go and your all clear as far as account billing.