Not receiving calling number

I forwarded my flynumber to my personal number. When i receive the call on my personal number, I get a US number on my caller-id, Can i get the actual calling number on my caller id on my personal number?


Sorry to hear @srizwanali , we see many “Request terminated”

Request Terminated would mean the call was sent and generally accepted but somewhere along the line it was terminated. This could happen if a forwarding destination just rang and never was answered or had no service in case of mobile.

We also have seen cases where the forwarding number doesnt hear a ring tone, we may be able to help with that so let us know if thats the case.

Otherwise can you double the phone number you’re forwarding the FlyNumber calls to.

Dear Team,

Request terminated calls were test calls by me. Please ignore. But the once I got were with US number, instead of the number calling. Kindly clarify, if the forwarded calls will always be from US number?

Is there a way I get the actual number calling on my mobile?

Also the caller gets two different tones when he calls. This also creates a confusion of whether the call was through or not. Can this be avoided?


Understood and thanks for clarifying.

The number that is calling the FlyNumber should be the caller ID you see, it should match up in call history.

At the same time or different tones are heard when calling at different times?

Thanks and let me know.