I paid my payment but still my order is pending

Hi, hope your doing good, i paid my payment but still my order(finland number) is panding.
Please solve it

Thanks, i received my number but I didnt know that this number cant receive SMS, could you please change it to Czech Republic number which I can receive SMS?

HI @sdshams

Keep in mind there are mobile Finland numbers which are capable of receiving SMS, they are more expensive though.

Either way we should be able to do this free of charge as a 1 time courtesy, we updated your ticket.

Hi, I realised that even this number hasn’t forwarded, I called it but someone else took the phone.
I want refund, please refund me then I would close the dispute.

Please give me refund, im not satisfied and i want to get my money back ASAP.

Sorry to hear and seems its an issue with your forwarding

As per the agreed terms there are no refunds however an exception will be made here, - $2.95 was refunded fully.

Still its not refunded, refund me now.

We’re seeing this was refunded, please log on to your PayPal account or check your email.