How many lines a DID number have?

If I buy a USA DID number for $ 2.95 how many simultaneously phone calls I can receive without having a busy line. Thanks


When using the SIP/VOIP you get 2 free incoming channels, at the moment there is no feature to add more but hopefully soon

Just curious if there is any update to the limit of 2 in-bound numbers via the VOIP/SIP Service? I would love to use this functionality as a forward into a conference bridge number. Obviously would be happy to pay for additional channels but just curious.



At the moment it’s still 2 incoming channels per number, we 'e working feverishly on updating this

I am also very interested into increasing the number of incoming channels per phone number, do you have any idea of when you’ll be able to lauch that service? 1 month, 1 year?