How long for number activation in XYZ country?

I just ordered a new DID number and it only says “pending” with no activation estimate. Do you have a general FAQ page with processing time for each country? I’m particularly looking for activation time in Brazil (+55) area code 85 (Fortaleza). But would be nice to have a big information table giving an approximate (doesn’t need to be precise) activation time.

If its a country that requires documentation its anywhere from a couple minutes to 24 hours

As far as the rest, as long as the payment is OK it should be approved right away

Let us know if you run into anything

So, if it’s a country that requires no documentation at all, once the payment is confirmed, how long does it take to get a number? I’ve just placed an order for new number in Canada, I had already some balance left in my account (so no payment processing needed). Any approximate time for number to be assigned and active?


We see your account- the number was sent, its now set to approve the orders instantly as well.

Let us know if you need anything