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Hello guys,

I am exploring using OpenPhone as a call center solution. However, I want to buy a number from Ghana, because service will be local to Ghana and I want customers to call a local number. I see you sell local Ghana numbers on this service. Question is will be able to buy local Ghana numbers from the service, then somehow port/transfer them to openphone system for my reps to be able to receive calls?

Please let me know if this is possible and any steps on how to acheieve! Thanks!

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Hi @Marcus_Manuh

Thanks for posting.

I don’t see an issue from our side but would check with them so see if they can “port in” Ghana numbers.

Does OpenPhone allow for incoming VoIP (SIP traffic)? - Hopefully thats what the “Open” stands for.

If they do we can just send the calls directly to the SIP address, or in other words send the calls to an internet address [hopefully provided by OpenPhone].

Thank you for your quick response.

I confirmed with OpenPhone that they don’t support international numbers (yet).

Does FlyNumber offer something of a call center solution as I have described?

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Our cloud phone system might be what you need, you can setup multiple users with any device and have calls ring there (and they can all out via the Ghana number as well.)

Setup an account and we will include a free month for you to test it out.