Can I forward the Flynumber to more than one number simultaneously?

I need to have the Flynumber forward the call to two numbers at the same time and whoever answers the call first gets it. Is this possible?
Thank you.


Yes you can, you can forward the FlyNumber to up to 3 destinations ( phone numbers) all at once or one after another

  • you can use multiple person modules and the Call Queue feature to ring more then 3 devices if you need it


Can you advise if it’s possible to forward to FlyNumber to more than 3 destinations (phone numbers) at once? The 3 destinations are Singapore Mobile numbers.

2nd question: how do I differentiate a call forwarded by FlyNumber and a normal call?

Finally, what are the charges for the forwarding service to each destination?



Yes you can, use multiple person modules and the ring all feature in the queue module.

Yes, you can use the call confirmation feature

Here are the per min rates

Let us know if you have any other questions