Belgium mobile numbers and updated German coverage

For the first time, we now offer Belgium mobile numbers with incoming SMS enabled. (+32-48XXX…)

The number can be registered by any business or person in the world. (no address restriction)

The SMS /text messages are forwarded via email at no additional cost.

Over a dozen new German cities were added- Nettetal, Uetersen, and Sulingen among others

is this numbers valid for OTP !!!

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Hi @jedi and thanks for posting

We can’t guarantee SMS verification/OTP but we have seen success with it working on our “mobile” numbers. It’s really up to the sender to make sure the text is sent.

Thanks and standing by if you have any other questions

Unfortuantly, i did tried to verificate my ebay account but i didn’t get any OTP message on my email.

Not sure when you tried but the number was just activated a little less than an hour ago

Please try again however keep in mind we cant guarantee OTP/ verification SMS