Australian mobile number.

I am an Australian citizen and reside in Thailand for more than 13 years.

One of the Australian establishments I am engaging with is implementing a two-factor authentication system, which mandates an Australian mobile number for registration.

The issue arises from my residence in Thailand, as the Australian establishment is unwilling to adapt the two-factor system to support an overseas mobile phone number.

My technical know-how is limited.

I require a product that includes an Australian mobile phone number, which I can then furnish to the Australian establishment. This should enable me to receive ‘push notifications’ or SMS messages from them.

Is there a product feature available that meet these requirements?

With kind regards,
Karl H. Kaminski.

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Hi @karl

Apologies on the late reply with this was incorrectly caught in our filter…

Understood and generally speaking we can’t guarantee 2FA or short code SMS verifications however it just so happens we’ve had pretty good luck with AU mobile (and Israeli mobile) when it comes to these types of text messages.

Fo an AU mobile number we would need proof of address (Thai proof would work fine)

Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Dear Support Team,
Thank you for responding. I apologize for my confusion regarding the application process and the necessity of selecting an Australian city to obtain a virtual Australian phone number.

The Australian company’s headquarters that I am dealing with is in Adelaide, but they may choose to send SMS messages from one of their branches located in Sydney or Brisbane to the virtual Australian phone number. As I understand it, the message would then by FLYNUMBER be relayed to my mobile phone number in Thailand.

Additionally, the Australian company does not send SMS messages to numbers containing prefix codes. Could you please provide me with a fictitious example of the Australian phone number I am applying for, which will be used by the Australian company to send SMS messages to my mobile number in Thailand?

If everything works as I hope it will, then after a trial period of three months, I would like to continue with annual subscriptions. What is your preferred payment system, please?

I have no issues uploading copies of my Australian passport and residential address in Thailand.

I apologize for all these queries, as my technical understanding is very limited.

This shouldn’t really matter, any AU number should be able to send texts to the phone number, regardless of its origin.

The SMS would would forwarded to the FlyNumber email on file, not the phone number you’re forwarding to.

An example of how an AU mobile number from us may look like is as follows:


Using the above example. you can call or text the number from within Australia using 041692XXXX.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Dear Support Team,
Thanks for responding.

I am truly sorry, but it seems that based on your example, my AU mobile phone number would contain the prefix ‘61’, which would not be acceptable to the Australian company I am dealing with. Thank you for your patience and thorough explanation of this subject.

Thanks for the update however there is no such thing as an Australian mobile number without the 61 prefix. The 61 signifies the country code.

…every phone number in the world has a country code.

Please see above.

Thanks and if you need anything just let us know.

Dear Support Team,
You are absolutely correct! It’s quite embarrassing, but upon reviewing my messages, I realize I mistakenly used the term ‘prefix’ instead of ‘country code.’ I apologize for the confusion; it seems a momentary lapse of clarity slipped in.

Allow me to provide the revised and corrected message and I sincerely apologize for the oversight: Following your example, it appears that my AU mobile phone number includes the country code ‘61’. Regrettably, this format is not be acceptable to the Australian company I am dealing with.

Thank you for your understanding, and I appreciate your patience with this correction.

No worries at all however it seems your AI responses are a little off here :innocent:

Wishing you the best and if you need anything at all please let us know.