Account Status Inquiry

Hi There,

I created this account a year ago and paid the initial payment however, I’m not sure if the account is still activated?

If not, what will I do to reinstate the number that I initially get? I’d like to get the same number that I had.

Can someone please help me ASAP?


I just noticed that I can no longer login and when I tried to click the forget pasword, I was told that I am forbidden to access the site due to my IP?

I don’t understand, I just want to login again, pay if necessary then activate the number you once gave me. Please help…


We’re looking into getting this number back for you, will update you on this ASAP

PM or email your IP address so we can unban ( its probably in a public spam database )

Hi There,

Thank you so much for replying, this is a big help!

My email address is [email protected] while for my IP, I think I have dynamic IP address but here it is: 169.xxxxxx/16

Let me know if we need to pay anything, etc. to keep this phone number going? We actually won’t use it that much.

Thank you!!!

Sorry but the old number is not available, we sent you a new number ( on us for the first month )


Sure, but I’m wondering if I can access the site now?
I want to avoid being blocked again…
Please let me know the monthly premium as well so I can tell my partner.

Thank you for all your help!

Yes you should be able to, we’re not seeing the IP’s you quoted as being banned so you should be OK

Use the chrome browser if you can

Let us know if you run into anything

I tried it again but it says I’m auto-banned… :frowning_face:

403: Access Forbidden
Repeat offender (Autobanned)

Can you go to google and type

what is my IP address

Then send us that IP

Here you go:

Your public IP address

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Thanks for this and it was unbanned

I’m sorry but I’m still banned when I tried to login.

Sorry to hear and it must be a new IP, the system only bans IP’s in public spam database, perhaps you want to contact you ISP about that

Please let us know the current IP so we can unban

I have Dynamic IP and my ISP can’t provide me Static IP. Can you please unban my email address instead? Please unban both of my email address: [email protected] and [email protected]


Hi Again

That’s fine, we just need to know the IP address you’re currently using that’s banned.

The system doesn’t ban based on email so this won’t help unfortunately

Can you try the " what is my IP address " on google one more time please

It’s now:

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Sorry for the late reply but this was whitelisted earlier