Voicemail help for an absolute beginner .....sorry if been asked before


Im a real beginner with this, Im from the UK the number is working great with Zoiper, but I dont know how to change the voicemail ive looked online but cannot find how, im sure this has probably been asked before but If someone could even just point me to that thread that would really help?

I have an android phone and I recieve calls no problem.

Ive seen this


and this


Thanks in advance


You have a voicemail setup in the phone system/PBX

My account > PBX panel and you can change it there

When I click in Launch PBXww it says I dont have flash even though ive updated browsers and checked for this. Ive tried firefox and chrome. Do you have a step by step guide at all?

Many thanks

Please try clicking the button right before the url in chrome and allowing flash for the site