Unable to make outgoing calls from Blink SIP using my flynumber


I have configured my flynumber to get inbound and outbound calls through Blink SIP.
I am able to get inbound calls flawslessly however I am unable to make outbound calls.
I get the error message "Not Found"
I have referred to the steps described in this forum about configuring SIP with flynumber and verified all my settings are correct.
I am not using + or 00 in front of the number before dialing it.
I have tried my turning antivirus and firewall off on my laptop and tried calling but the call still won’t go through.
Anything else which I might be missing?
Please provide your inputs on this issue.


To add, there is more than sufficient balance available in my account for the call.

Please make sure sRTP/ RTP encryption is disabled in the Blink SIP client

By default its enabled

You may want to try x-lite as well