Transferring Landline to Flynumber


I’m already experimenting with Flynumber as a non-personal number for an activity/club I work with. Now I’m looking at Flynumber as a possibility for eliminating my landline. I am in Washington state, USA. I see that my landline (206-362-xxxx) is available for porting. I want to make sure I understand the rest of the process.

I know that the resulting phone service will rely on my broadband internet connection. No problem there.

I think I understand that I will need to add a box to my home network – something like the Cisco SPA112. Please confirm.

Once the box is in place, I’ll need to plug it in to the phone wires in my house. I’m looking at (and appreciate the clarity of) the article at – the actions described there are well within my capabilities.

Now here’s where I’m fuzzy and would appreciate clarification. If I port my existing landline number to Flynumber to be an (incoming) DID, do I also need to subscribe to a VOIP provider? Or should I be able to configure the box to be an SIP device that I could configure under a “Person” module in the PBXww panel?

I understand that if I don’t go through a VOIP provider, there are no options for E911 services.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Hi David,

Glad to hear you’re considering us, we look forward to helping you set this up

You can but its not required, you can use software on your PC/ Mac or smartphone app to answer your calls as well. Using the Cisco SPA will work great with our services.

You will not need to connect to any “phone” wires in the house. The Cisco SPA will use the internet to connect to the outside world.

Keep in mind you can still answer the calls with a regular phone ( no need for internet ), there is a low per min rate when you forward the FlyNumber (206 USA number) to a regular phone number

We would handle this for you, you’d get SIP credentials from us, and you would enter that info into the Cisco adapter. We don’t provide 911 service so we would suggest using a 3rd party provider in conjunction with FlyNumber

If you choose to go with a 3rd party we’ll just send the calls there and calls will just go to that provider. You’ll take the SIP credentials they provided and enter into your CIsco if that’s the route you want to take

Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions