Singapore Phone Number Question

Hello. Can I just check that I understand how this works for Singapore.
I buy a Singapore national number that begins with +65… Then when people call that number either from within Sing or from outside Sing, I can have the call forwarded to Skype on my iPhone.
The cost is USD6 per month. The cost for forwarding to Skype is zero.
Is that correct?


When you answer with SIP there is no per min rate and its just the $6 yes

Microsoft ( which owns Skype now) also disabled the 3rd party API’s

If you’re not tied to them we highly suggest SIP, you get caller ID , its free and much more reliable

You can also use this SIP client ( refer to above post though)

Thanks for the reply.
Do I need any special documentation for a Singapore number?


I tried to sign up for a Sing number but it is asking me for a “Personal ID Nr/Business registration Nr”. There is no explanation in your list of ‘Countires the require special registration’.
Does this mean you have to be a Singapore citizen to get a Sing number?


Yes , a valid government issued photo identification or a company certificate ( from any country in the world )

Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions

Flynumber: I’m not sure the answer is clear. There are actually 3 questions being asked:

  1. Do you have to be a Singapore citizen to get a Singapore number?
  2. If you don’t have to be a Singapore citizen, do you need a local Singapore address to get a Singapore number?
  3. If the answer to #1 & #2 is “No” :: The “special documentation” needed/mentioned – i.e “a valid govt issued photo ID or company certificate (from any country in the world)” – does this mean you can have a foreign passport as documentation (i.e. USA, Russia, Germany, etc) and that will suffice to obtain a Singapore number?



Yes thats correct, any valid Photo Identification

Thanks and let us know if you need anything