No caller ID-Calls forwarded to my cell are UNAVAILABLE

Hi there,

New user here-Phone number is forwarding fine, but when it arrives to my cell phone, I am getting UNAVAILABLE. Of, course, I`d like to receive the name so that I can call back when I cant immediately answer.

Can you point me to the problem and fix? thanks

We really can’t guarantee the correct caller-ID comes in to your Japan Flynumber if the call is from outside Japan. We try our best and send the CID as we receive it but there are many factors outside of our control. Device, carrier, local regulations etc.

We do see your call history on FlyNumber showing OK calls with the Caller ID so perhaps in your case its your device

Thanks and here if you need anything

Actually, the calls are coming from within Japan to Japan, but I will speak with the carrier, perhaps it is the device.

Sorry about that, yes you’re correct

Sounds good and you can also try a different method to receiving calls( perhaps SIP ) to see if you get different results