Need Skype Number?

Hello, I am in Japan and I want a local number here for people to contact me. I don’t have a landline nor a cell phone. I have a Skype account; I don’t have a Skype number. Do I need to purchase a Skype number in order to use FlyNumber?

Sorry about this but Skype has unexpectedly been turned off due to low quality forwarding, this makes our numbers work poorly and that is not the case

Microsoft ( which owns Skype now) also disabled the 3rd party API’s

If you’re not tied to them we highly suggest SIP, you get caller ID , its free and much more reliable

You can also use this SIP client ( refer to above post though)

Let us know if you have any other questions

Oookay. I don’t know what SIP is so I appreciate you posting a link and screenshots. Thank you!

Sure thing

Here’s a wiki on what SIP is

Long story short, its a reliable method to make and receive calls. We provide you SIP credentials and you enter that into any VOIP/SIP phone or device