How to receive calls on my PC

I am based in Spain. I just want a way to receive calls. What program can I use ? to RECEIVE CALLS.

I wanted to use google talk but it is only available to receive calls if you are in the US.


A great easy program is x-lite

Step 2 of this blog post shows you how to get SIP credentials

Let us know if you run into anything

how to set this up. I am a beginner here.

what host name and details I just put in my forwarding options in Flynumber admin…

I just downloaded the program x-lite… is there is no place to register

No worries, you’ll need to first forward to PBX / Phone System

1.) My account > My FlyNumbers click details and then " Change forwarding "

2.) Open PBX at My account > PBX Panel

3.) Open your PBX panel and attach the “Phone number” module to the “Person module” ,then choose to create a New Device in the person module.

Use that new SIP info to enter into xlite

Email us if you have issues and we’l send you the SIP credentials

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In the PBX panel. I am asked for the SIP URI.

I choosed the option VOIP.


my email is [email protected]


You must choose PBX and configure from there.

We emailed you the SIP credentials, just enter into x-lite or any SIP client.

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