How do I pay an Invoice?


This appears in my account:
# . … Due date … Status … Proforma invoice Amount

74513 2013-10-28 17:51:16 Pending #74513/137451310 6,95 USD

This is only my second month. I did not get an email with the invoice or with payment instructions.

How do I pay this invoice? I’m afraid if I just “add funds” they’ll go to other services, like call forwarding funds.

I think I enrolled in auto pay or something, but can’t find a way to verify this on “my account”. If I did enroll in autopay, will my number be disconnected (as it is now) every billing cycle until payment is processed?

I don’t want to have my number inactive.



If you add funds and your number is up for renewal it will use the prepaid balance to renew number and get it active.

I see your account and thats the case here

You do have an active payment profile but the payments are not coming in, could be something wrong with your card

To see your payment subscription its My account > My FlyNumbers

Google checkout is going out of commission anyway so I’d suggest you use Paypal to creat a new subscription- we should have direct payments soon

More info on using paypal without a paypal account here