Google Wallet / Credit card payments

The Google Wallet option went away and I am very allergic to PayPal… which is the only option left. Which is a royal nuisance since I need to get a 2nd flynumber and put some money into my account for outgoing calls.

It is my understanding that direct credit card payments are coming very soon (possibly a day or two?). Is there an ETA?


Yes in the coming days we should have the new method

You can use your card on paypal without a paypal account but understand some users like to avoid them at all costs

We should have this payment method live before the end of the week latest

Sorry for the hassle

Hello there,

Any news regarding direct CC payment option? - tried renewing by PayPal (UUGGH!), but there’s no option but to register with them when using a non-US CC - won’t do that.

Thank you!


Sorry for the delay here, just a security bug we need to make sure was taken care of before adding this feature. I’m hearing it should be no later than Friday - could be sooner but with programmers these days getting a solid ETA is difficult

Will get this thread updated ASAP as well

You can now add your credit card directly with FlyNumber.

Please go into my account > my details to add a credit card.

You can then add funds with the card from my account > add funds