Forwarding to Google Talk

When I signed up, I saw under Forwarding Destination: Google Talk. What do I enter under Google Talk destination details? I understand Google Talk is no more in use and it has been replaced by Google Hangouts.

Correct and you will need the legecy Gtalk for this work, Hangouts will not work

SIP is available ( and more reliable) , PM /email your username and we’ ll set you up with SIP from here to make it easy

Thanks for your reply. Yes I am interested to use SIP, if it is more reliable than Gtalk and doesn’t cost more.

  1. Is SIP free?
  2. Specifically on FlyNumber: What are the monthly fees I need to pay if I sign up for a number an use SIP to receive and make calls? Is it just the US$5.95 per month?
  3. What software do I need to install if I use SIP?
  4. If I use SIP, what option do I select under Select forwarding destination? Is it PBXww?

Not sure why this one slipped us but we apologize for the delay

Yes ( to create one and to receive calls with it ) ,keep in mind there is a per min rate to make outgoing calls

When making outgoing calls there is a low per min rate that gets taken from your prepaid balance.

So $5.95 a month for the number and a per min rate depending on where you call out to.

It will work with any SIP client, x-lite is a free one for PC/MAC and zoiper for smartphones but any SIP client/ VOIP phone will work

Yes thats correct ( you can change this anytime as well)

Please let us know if you have any other questions