Distinguishing multiple numbers


I am quite interested in your services due your cheap pricing, this would be quite suitable as I have multiple business ventures. However at the moment, I’m juggling a mobile and a landline for multiple businesses and asking the customer whom they are inquiring about is very unprofessional.

So my question is this - say I buy 5 numbers from you for 5 of my different companies, is there anyway for for me to distinguish what number is being forwarded, say in the caller ID or an automated message 'this is a call for insert company name here? Thank you for any help.

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Hi @Norestay

We’re still working on a complete answer to your question. We know of options like call announce however, it doesn’t really work in this case

You can also use the phone system to send you an email instantly with the caller info ( called number, callers number, callers name (if applicable)). This might get cumbersome in your case.

Then there is a method using SIP and the “Diversion header”, this would be the most professional but perhaps slightly advanced in configuring.

We’re getting more details on this method and will update this post ASAP

Thank you for the reply, I had another question if you don’t mind:

When a call is being forwarded is the number shown on the caller ID the flynumber (where the original call is being made too) or the customer’s number? If it’s the flynumber then that would work just as well.

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At the moment the person calling the flynumber is what shows up so this wont help you but we think we found you a different solution

You would use the phone system to set up a Queue object, which should forward the name of the Queue object to the SIP/ Softphone you’re using .

So it would look something like this

  • FlyNumber (Company A) > Queue Object with name (Company A) > SIP line (registered on a softphone)

  • FlyNumber (Company B) > Queue Object with name (Company B) > SIP line (registered on a softphone)


Let us know if you need any help setting this up as