Are you forwarding calls to Google Hangouts?

Gtalk has been decommissioned and is now Google hangouts. Will Fly Number forward my calls to the Google hangouts program or app?

Unfortunately no, not at the moment. It was released recently so there isnt an ETA on when we’ll forward calls there

You’ll have to use the Gtalk application. Heres a 3rd party site that seems to have it

An IOS / android app called VTOK also works

Be sure to add [email protected] to your Gtalk contacts as well

I have added [email protected] to my Gmail contacts, but forwarding still doesn’t work through either the Gmail interface or VTOK. What’s going on?

It will not work with the gmail interface, please make sure you’re logged off

Try to restart VTOK and make sure there are no other instances running

If you’re not tied to them we highly suggest SIP, you get caller ID , its free and much more reliable

You can also use this SIP client ( refer to above post though)



i am trying to use vtok on my iphone5c ios7
i am able to log into my account but i dont receive calls to my flynumber
NOTE: when trying to add [email protected] account this is what i get:
“Enter gmail id of new contact"
and then
"Please use a valid email address” without even asking me for the address


Google hangouts is not the same as Google G talk

Although G talk has been discontinued the legacy version will still work with us

You can also phone calls to GoogleTalk using it at name the app VTOK

We highly suggest forwarding to sip features include free forwarding, caller ID and its much more reliable