Acrobits for Android

Hey all,

I’m trying to replace my landline with Acrobits on my Android which will always be connected to my house Wifi. I have configured my PBX using the instructions provided on the FlyNumber blog on how to setup Acrobits which was easy and straight forward. My account has $2 in it so I should be able to make outgoing calls however it will timeout with an error after “Trying…”. I have tried calling multiple local numbers without success. The Acrobits status indicates “Ready” and the FlyNumber PBX device status shows “Acrobits SIPIS ( ms: 2” with a green circle icon next to it. I have “Outgoing calls” enabled on the SIP device. I can receive calls (without audio but I think that’s another issue) but just can’t make outgoing calls. As I understand, I don’t need any other voip service or Skype etc, just the Acrobits app and a FlyNumber phone number.

Any suggestions would be great!

This could be the dial format …

How are you calling out?

Use the format country + city + number without the 011,01 or +

More info here

Perhaps you also want to try the SIP info with x-lite

It is working now. I was not able to ping the server address shown in the PBX. After my ISP switched my DSL modem I am now able to ping and both incoming and outgoing calls work fine now. I’m not sure if it was that or something changed on the FlyNumber side.

Hi ,

Could have been a firewall issue of some sort- glad to hear its working OK for you