Use with other VoIP provider / or direct in my PBX


I need French and UK numbers. Unfortunately in you preset list my VoIP provider is not listed that I can forward the numbers for free to my PBX. I’m using a Asterix based system called Askozia.

a) Can I configure easybell as VoIP provider by myself?
b) Can I configure my PBX that I can receive calls toll-free?

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We can send calls there without issues. The list is mostly complied of companies who contacted us and asked to be put on there for “easy configuration”

As long as EasyBell takes calls from outside providers you’ll be fine, here is a sample asterisk and our IP addresses as well

Yes you can, the changes you make are instant and you can see various feedback via the call history

Yes but at the moment it can only be added to your account manually, once added it will perform like the others ( you can send us an email or open a ticket)

Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions