Sound quality on voicemail

When I go to my PBX panel, and setup a voicemail, I opload a sound file. But when i call my phone to hear/test the voicemail message, the sound quality is very bad. The original recording (done with a pro mic) is good, but something happens to the quality when I opload it to the system.

Is there a way to get a better sound quality to the voicemail?


What format are you using? It can be mp3 or .wav

It should be of the utmost quality, perhaps it was one-off bad upload- can you remove( trash) the voicemail module and try this one more time

Thanks and standing by

Thanks for your reply.

I have tried to remove the existing voicemail and reopload the sound file again.

In the panel, it sound ok (not as good as when I listen to the sound file via windows media player, but still ok). But when I call my number to test the voicemail, it sounds bad. I can hear the voicemail, but the sound quality reminds me of an old answer machine from the 80s.

I dont know what the problem is?

Sorry to hear this, can you PM your username or email or flynumber on file?( I cant find anything using the one from this forum)

Thanks and standing by

I dont have a message button (PM) on your profile, so I cant PM

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Oh interesting, sorry about that, must have ben a recent update with the forum software

You should be able to now…

Sorry, but I still cant see the button. I see this:

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Super sorry about that again , we fixed it now for sure ( tested with a different user)

Please try one more time and this will work

Thank you. its working now:) I just sent a PM

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Thank you for the feedback, will have an update on the voicemail issue shortly

Hi Again

We tested this and the audio played well for us ( we called the FlyNumber directly), although the audio after the person module was slightly louder than the audio right after the time module( with the no cable)

Was the issue happening when you reach either voicemail module? ( as you have 2 )

I would also try calling the FlyNumber from a different operator/phone just in case thats the issue

Finally, we also uploaded a sample voicemail audio on your Phone system, its not attached to anything but if you can attach it and retest that can perhaps help us diagnose this

Thanks and standing by


Thank you for your help.

Maybe the problem is locally.

But I will try your solution.

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You’re very welcome

OK and standing by if you need anything