SMS Forward for Canada

Its on the last stages of being implemented


Is it supported now? If not, was it delayed or it is still almost done?

Correct and should be this quarter

Thank you. Looking forward.

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Has the SMS in Canada feature been completed?

Sorry not at the moment, we will have this announced on our twitter soon


When is this going to be implemented? It was supposed to be quater 1…

We appreciate everyone’s patience with us thus far on this.

We look forward to this being enabled in coming weeks ( at the least)

One more update, please. Is it ready?

Yes it’s almost ready, we look forward to it launching very soon


Is it supported now?

This is being enabled very soon.

Is it enabled now ? and is sms ot email forwarding free ?

We’re almost there and will have an update on pricing as well ASAP

Is it supported now?

Is this available now?

We’re almost there, this is in its final stages. Thanks

It was in the final stages in September 2017. Six months on, how’s it going on the SMS capability for Canada?

This should be live in the coming weeks and we appreacite everyones patience

SMS forwarding to your email is here! If you’re a current FlyNumber owner please open a ticket or send us an email to enable this on your account , otherwise new orders will automatically forward the SMS to the email on file for free.