Receiving or sending Fax

Can I received fax on my DID number? If yes, how do I proceed. If No, what options do I have.

Hi Emma

No sending yet

You can receive faxes via an email you input in our PBX/ Phone system

PM your username and we can set it from here (assuming you have an account )

Dear Staff I have set-up my fax setting for both my numbers but unable to receive fax in either of them please can you help up setting my both lines for fax so I can receive the same by email that I have set-up there thanks will wait for your reply

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Sorry to hear and we just have the feature where you can receive ( not send)

It gets sent to the email you sent in the fax module, I see you have it set to SIP info…

What type of fax setup do you have? Try the fax module and only the Phone number to the Fax module

Also , I see you have a hotmail address, please chek the spam/junk folder just in case

Thanks and standing by if you need anything