PBXww HTML Version

Hi there, I’ve used FlyNumber for many years now (love the service). When will the new HTML version of the PBXww panel be in place? Flash will no longer be supported by Chrome in only a few months.

Please advise,



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Hi @wesstraub

Thank you and we appreciate your business here

This has been in the works and should be enabled very soon. We’re hoping the coming weeks and well before chrome stops supporting flash.

Thank you again and we appreciate your patience here

Hi there, any update on the progress of the new PBXww HTML panel?


Still very much in the works, don’t have a solid ETA at the moment but will be sure to post it once we know



I appreciate planning/estimation is always a challenge but the end of support for Flash (December) is getting quite close now and I’m worried about losing access to our PBXww panel. Could we get an update on progress here?



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Hi @frances

Completely understand your concern and this will be done before then

There will still be flash options after December , they just wont be as convienent to access. By next week we should have a more solid time table for when this will happen

Thank you and appreciate your patience here