How long does it take for a new customer to get a number?


Hi @support, I’ve just created my account, paid with Paypal, and have been waiting for my number for over an hour now. I bought a similar number with a French provider and it was instantly created so I’m wondering what holds the number creation from being completed here.


We cant see your account based on the email used here, can you PM your username so we can see what the hold up is?


I’m having the same problem, have been waiting all day for four numbers to come through and this is the second account I have tried to create them on as the same thing happened on the first pre-existing account hence the creation of a new account. My partner is in New York and urgently needs me to get these set up for him. The payments appear to have gone through so just wondering how long it will take for them to be activated. Thanks! @FlyNumber


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