Call History Definitions

Hi there,

We recently started using FlyNumber, and just trying to better understand some of the features. When I click ‘call history’ there is a column for ‘status’ and a column for ‘reason’ some of the status say ‘fail’ and some reasons say ‘decline’ and ‘request terminated’. Can you please let me know what the definitions for these are? For example what creates a call to be documented as ‘decline’?



Hi Ryan

Happy to help here …

How you’re answering the calls ( SIP, Phone number, Asterisk etc) would help better gauge your failed error but generally its

Decline would be the call was not accepted, the forwarding address or number is not accepting calls or SIP traffic are possibilities. Also if you don’t have it setup correctly in our PBX/ Phone system

Request Terminated would mean the call was sent and generally accepted but somewhere along the line it was terminated. This could happen if a forwarding destination just rang and never was answered.

Please let us know if you have any other questions