Aus-NZ basic questions

Hi, I’m interested in your service but have a couple of simple questions for which I cannot find immediate answers on your site.

My requirement is to have a NZ-based (Auckland) number directed to an Australian mobile (iPhone) – either direct to the mobile number, or through a VOIP app (possibly Viber).

The questions I have:

  1. Simply, would a person calling the number in Auckland be required to include the area code when calling my number? That is, if the number were ‘09 1234567’ normally when you call a number from within that area code you can omit the 09 and just call ‘1234567’ – so that it works exactly as a normal number does. However, I note that a colleague who uses a Skype number is required to use the full number – area code included – even when called within the area. What is the requirement here?

  2. If I have the number forward to my Aus mobile, does it come through as a ‘normal’ call would, and if I don’t answer does this go through to voicemail as a normal call would?

That is all. Thanks.


Glad to hear and glad you’re considering us.

We can help, a local New Zealand number is $3 a month to receive all the calls via SIP/VOIP

You will not need to dial the country code and it would act as a local phone number

Yes it would be a normal call and go to voicemail as well

Thanks and here if you need anything